Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Bad Mood

I have been in a bad for mood for...well...the last year. If you think that is an exaggeration, just ask my husband. Joyce Meyer often mentions how much she appreciates the early years of her marriage when her husband kept them together through his patience and faithfulness. I know how she feels.

In April of 2009, Jerry and I made the decision to adopt three precious kids from Uganda.  In July of 2009, I went to Uganda to meet them, and to finalize the paperwork for their adoption. My lawyer told me to plan to return in September for a court date to bring them home. And so, I told my precious, awesome kids, that their Mom and Dad would be coming back in September for them. That was September of 2009.

Then, the world showed up.

The Fall disappeared somehow due to administrative problems. Next thing I knew, it was November and the Ugandan courts ground to a halt for the holidays.

January 1st, 2010, I jumped from the bed knowing I would soon be going to Uganda to get my children.

January 16th, an earthquake rocked Haiti and something told me that I was meant to go there to organize an orphan rescue effort. I cried and bargained with God. I did not want to go. I made a deal with Him..."If I go do this for the children of Haiti, will you bring my kids home?".

When I returned from Haiti in mid-February, the process for Ugandan adoptions had essentially been shut down.  Once again, God had a project for me. Could I help fix this situation? I could and did...with the help of some very influential friends. I spent the next six months getting 18 families home from Uganda. God said: "You can go when all these are home."

One mother still remains, stuck over there with her two Ugandan daughters. She has been there since April. That is when my first court date was supposed to be...April 16, 2010. But it never happened and here we are: STILL WAITING.

Waiting puts me in a bad mood. I hate to wait. I am impatient. I want everything NOW. I am busy and important and I don't have time to WAIT.

I think about all the people who wait. People in prison. Children in orphanages. People with cancer. All the people who wait with GRACE and DIGNITY and PURPOSE. I am ashamed to say I have not been one of those people. Waiting for my children has made me nothing but CRANKY. After a while, the crankiness turned to ANGER. Why God must I wait? Why must my children wait?

This year has been hard on my children.  Their circumstances have deteriorated.  Their grandmother, once their support and caretaker, is approaching death and has been unable to help them.  She also waits.  For the Lord to take her home.

And they wait.  For her to die.  For me to come.  For the orphanage where they live to get more water, or more pencils or some toys.

And the 600 kids with whom they live at this orphanage...they wait too.  For someone to come for them.  For parents.  For hope.

Dear Jesus.  My prayer today is for all of those who wait.  Forgive me for my selfishness.  Comfort and encourage those who wait...those for whom victory will not come in this lifetime.  For all the children everywhere who WAIT.


Unknown said...

If there is a dry eye after reading this, then I'd love them to come pray for me. Because I can't stop crying.... tears of joy. Jodi, we wait with you to love these children.

Jerry Tucker said...

You bet ya!!!

jade said...

I love you so much! Praying for you every single day! Every day until your kids come home! I must know, where is the orphanage in your last photo? With the older children?